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Linux Server Support Services

We Provide Linux Server Support Services That Include Security, Optimization, and Maintenance for Your Business!

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Infrastructure Support

  • Dedicated Linux Servers
  • VPS in the Cloud
  • Virtualized Linux Infrastructure

Distribution Support

  • Red Hat Derivatives:
    • RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux, Fedora, others
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • SUSE Enterprise / OpenSUSE
  • Cray Linux Environment (CLE)
  • Slackware
  • Gentoo (and other source distros)
  • Crux (and other simple package distros)
  • Hand-rolled distributions

World-class Linux Consulting services, Support & Security:

  • Support and secure any Linux distribution!
  • Experts in Linux security and systems administration.
  • Specialized in dedicated-server and cloud-server support and security.

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Over 20 years of Linux experience, since 1996


Secure, Reliable Infrastructure by Design

We audit, secure and optimize Linux servers from end-to-end:

  • Backend to web-front
  • Filesystem to storage volume
  • Workstation to server
  • Socket to certificate

We provide a robust security design after an analysis of critical system infrastructure and an understanding of your business model:

  • Keep critical systems up-and-running at all times
  • Provide fast, responsive networks
  • Reduce attack surface
  • Thwart entire attack vectors

Solutions: The network that never breaks


We Secure Dedicated Servers!

Linux Servers – Support Service

  • Web Services: Apache, Lighttpd, Squid (load-balance/transparent proxy)
  • Amazon EC2 Linux Servers
  • Server Consolidation under Xen
  • High-availability, load-balanced clusters using modern fail-over technologies
  • Multi-interface Firewall Systems
  • VPN management / multi-site VPN/WAN design and implementation
  • QoS policy routing for multi-interface firewalls to route inter-site VoIP
  • Internet hosting/filtering

Data Management

  • Data Recovery
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL Administration
  • Off-site Remote Backup
  • Incremental disk-to-Internet backup solutions

Telephony / VoIP

  • Asterisk PBX support and installation
  • FreePBX support and configuration
  • T1 voice and data trunking
  • VoIP SIP or IAX2 trunking
  • Legacy T1-to-VoIP Services

We evaluate network infrastructure world-wide—
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