Recovering from a Cloud Server Failure

If you have received an email or a support ticket from your provider like the message below, then chances are your data is no longer available. We may be able to work with your provider to recover data and would be happy to help if this could be done. Cloud Servers fail for a number of reasons, and not all failures cause permanent data loss.

Your cloud server could not be recovered due to the failure of its host. You have the option to rebuild your server from your most recent server image or from a stock image … We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

If there is permanent data loss, then your only option is to plan for the future and move ahead—and we can help with that too.

Backups are certainly useful for recovering data, but they take a long time to put back into service. As you deploy your new environment, consider redundant designs for your infrastructure and let us know if we can help prevent this in the future!


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