Cloud Server Hosting Services

Secure by Design

We offer secure cloud server hosting services specifically targeted at virtual machines that we have hardened with security best practices. Our infrastructure is more secure not just because we are hardening your system, but because all systems on our network are hardened.

Flexible Implementation

Your data center or ours? We are data center agnostic and happy to implement the infrastructure that is best for your business! Whether you have one virtual machine or 1000, our cloud server hosting services are flexible, and our staff works closely with you to design the implementation that is right for you.

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  • Security
    • Full-disk encryption managed by the infrastructure using GPG and PKCS.
    • VLAN-isolated private networks
    • Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is enabled by default
  • Performance
    • Transparent solid-state disk caching for fast access of commonly used data
    • Paravirtual disk and network interfaces
    • Multiple disk and network IO queues
  • Peace of Mind: Reliability
    • Instant snapshots (scheduled, or manual)
    • Snapshot rollback
    • Clone new VM from snapshot (dev, staging, production, etc)
  • Highly Available
    • Hot VM migration between physical nodes with almost no interruption.
      This means you may perform routine maintenance on the physical nodes and no one will notice.
      We hot-migrate phone servers with little or no audible interruption of active calls.
    • Automatic VM recovery on the secondary node if the physical hardware fails or requires maintenance
    • Automatic VM restart if the VM crashes
    • Scheduled incremental replication to tertiary backup storage from snapshot (optional service)

Linux Global is passionate about providing and innovating new ways to improve the security and performance of the virtual operations of your business. For that reason, we are one call away, ready to provide secure cloud server hosting services or other Linux support solutions to help you prevent threats, back up your valuable data, or optimize your virtual infrastructure. So call or text Linux Global and let us secure the future of your business.