MySQL Replicated Backup Service

The Importance of Replicated Backups

For any business, the data that they store for their sales and customer information is critical. Certainly it is important to have a backup, and in many cases it is important to have that backup up to date at all times.

Our MySQL replicated backup service continuously transfers your database to our secure environment over an encrypted link so that we always have the latest copy of your data in the event of an outage. In addition to keeping a replicated copy of your data, we make a checkpoint of your data every 4 hours to easily go back in time in case something is accidentally deleted by user error or malicious activity.

How It Works

MySQL has supported stable database replication since version 5.1, and we can replicate any later version of MySQL into our infrastructure. Since we are flexible and can support any recent MySQL version, we can make sure that we are replicating your data to a compatible version of MySQL for increased reliability. Your data is safe and secure since it is transported over a VPN and stored encrypted on our infrastructure.

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Service Details

Running a backup of MySQL (mysqldump) read-locks the tables during the backup. This means databases-backed websites may stall during the backup. We offer an SQL replication service which streams database changes to our backup service in real-time. Each night we backup your database from our replicated server, so backups cannot stall your production system.