Virtualization Consolidation

Planning Consolidation

Moving into a virtualized environment provides many benefits. If you run your own servers, the biggest benefit may be your power bill. New modern hardware is so fast, that dozens or hundreds of physical servers can be squeezed into a much smaller virtualized environment. The features of a virtualized environments also simplifies backups and recovery through snapshots. Gone are the days of re-installing an OS because of a bad package update: now you can just revert to an earlier snapshot.

We Can Help!

We have moved many servers into virtualized environments. We can help plan the best solution for you whether you are moving from one virtualization platform to another, or from physical hardware into a private or public cloud.

Enterprise Features

  • Security
    • Full-disk encryption managed by the infrastructure using GPG and PKCS.
    • VLAN-isolated private networks
    • Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is enabled by default
  • Performance
    • Transparent solid-state disk caching for fast access of commonly used data
    • Paravirtual disk and network interfaces
    • Multiple disk and network IO queues
  • Peace of Mind: Reliability
    • Instant snapshots (scheduled, or manual)
    • Snapshot rollback
    • Clone new VM from snapshot (dev, staging, production, etc)
  • Highly Available
    • Hot VM migration between physical nodes with almost no interruption.
      This means you may perform routine maintenance on the physical nodes and no one will notice.
      We hot-migrate phone servers with little or no audible interruption of active calls.
    • Automatic VM recovery on the secondary node if the physical hardware fails or requires maintenance
    • Automatic VM restart if the VM crashes
    • Scheduled incremental replication to tertiary backup storage from snapshot (optional service)

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