Linux Support Services

At Linux Global, we offer a range of Linux support services for your company that include security, maintenance, and optimization of the virtual operations of your day-to-day business activity. We do this by hardening your systems to fit your needs, backing up your data, and guiding you through upgrading your systems.

Scroll down to browse our extensive list of Linux support services and pick the most appropriate for your business or contact us for a consultation to find out how we can make your infrastructure more secure, robust, and ready to handle unexpected threats.

Linux Security

Security is a primary focus of everything that we do. We are constantly asking the question, “How can this be more secure?” It can be a challenge to balance security with usability—and this is where we excel. We deploy new systems and secure existing systems by adhering to the principles of least privilege, isolation, default-deny/explicit-allow and separating data from execution in addition to implementing industry security best practices. Click here to learn more about Linux Security Hardening.

Server Backups

We backup more than just your data: in the event of an outage, we can boot your entire machine on our network! We keep 30 days of history, and longer if you prefer. Click here to learn more about our combined Incremental Backup and Disaster Recovery Service.

Hardened Hosting

Our virtual machine hosting environment has stringent security requirements for every user on our network. We provide complete managed security services for great performance, flexibility, and security. Click here to learn more about our Hardened Hosting Service.

Server Monitoring

Availability Monitoring

The 24/7 monitoring service addresses response to issues inside the server. We monitor a number of system performance metrics like CPU, disk, and memory in addition to website response and availability. With this service, we respond if any of these metrics need attention. We will keep your virtual machine online independent of this service because of the redundancy discussed above, but without this service, we are unable to monitor application-specific details to respond quickly when there is an issue specific to your deployment. This Linux support service also includes the weekly graphs that we send you showing service availability and any warnings that happened over the past week.

Included each month is one hour of emergency response toward fixing service failures that we monitor and maintain (emergency-response hours are per-server, non-cumulative, and do not roll over to the next month). Additional time for troubleshooting or fixing server issues is billed at our standard or emergency rates as appropriate.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring is like having a security review all year long. Our review process has been bundled into a monitoring service that will alert us to suspicious activity and security misconfigurations. In addition, we review and store your server’s system logs offsite so an attacker cannot modify logs and hide their path.

Virtualization Consolidation

When you are ready for consolidating into virtual infrastructure you might want expertise to guide the way; there are many benefits to virtualizing your existing infrastructure. We can help plan the right solution for you whether you are moving into your own private virtual infrastructure, or seeking to outsource the hosting of your infrastructure. If you are planning your own infrastructure, then click here to learn more about Virtualization Consolidation. If you would like to outsource your infrastructure, then click here and learn more about our Hardened Hosting Service.

Linux Upgrades

Are you ready to upgrade your Linux server? We have many years of experience in Linux server support, so we can make your upgrade experience as easy as possible with little to no downtime. We can even avoid DNS propagation times! Click here to learn more about our Linux Upgrade Service.